Dauer: 6:23
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08.02.2016 - 23:35 Uhr
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FETISHES: OUTDOOR, BOOTS, LICKING HEELS, HUMAN , HUMAN ASHTRAY, SPITTING, WHIPPING In this clip you can see me having fun with my slave. Putting a leash on my slave I order him to lick my dirty boots and to suck my heels. Then he has the honour to lick the ashes out of an ashtray and to suck on the cigarette butts, while I am whipping his balls and dick with my riding crop over and over again. Then I order him to put the butts from his mouth into the rubbish bin. But that s not enough. Again he has to lick the ashes and to help him to swallow it I am spitting into his mouth and let him feel my riding crop a few times more...

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