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FETISHES: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, TRAMPLING, BOOTS, WAX TORTURE, DIRTY GAMES, BOOT LICKING, CIGARETTE TORTURE, SPITTING, PETPLAY, STARRING: LADY CLAUDIA, MISTRESS MARIA, TOILET See me and Mistress Maria celebrating the slaves birthday. He is kneeling in the dirt and first we are standing on his hands. He really loves to wear our weight on him. But thats not enough. A birthday has to be celebrated with candles and so we are using hot wax all over his body and especially in his asshole. He has to take the pain we give him. See us covering his chest, nipples and his dick with wax and all he can do is to take it. I am very cruel and I am even dripping some hot wax on his glans. Then he gets his present: kneeling in the corner with his eyes closed we are smashing his birthday cake into his face and spread it all over his body! He really looks ridiculous with all the mud on him... We are stepping into the smashed cake on the ground and order him to eat it from out boots!. It is a great honour for him to lick our soles clean. Over and over he is fed from our boots and so he is eating his birthday present. Mistress Maria is spitting into his cake and he eats it. See all the food crushed on the dirty ground and he has to eat it all for us. We are wiping our boots on his back and head while he is kneeling and eating! He is just a piece of dirt that can be used for our fun. He has to clean Mistress Marias boots with his tongue to get all the dirt away. Then he has to bark like a real big . he is kneeling beside of us and starts barking. Hear his barks as we are standing on his hands with our boots. But that is not enough fun for us, so he has to lay his ugly body into the dirt again so that we can spit on him. See cruel Mistress Maria as she is putting out her hot cigarette onto his back as if there is no other way to put it out! We are having fun. We are standing above his body that is laying in the dirt and he gets our divine liquids. Then he has to it from the dirty floor. That is just good enough for our slave. See him eating his cake that is still in the dirt mixed with our divine liquid while we are spitting a lot of yogurt on his body. See his really dirty body while I am fucking his ass with my heel. He is completely laying in the dirt and we are having fun. I am kicking into his balls before he has to kneel into the corner. Then we are playing soccer with our slave as our target. We are kicking the ball really hard onto his body... Happy birthday, dirty slave

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