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My filthy slave is kneeling in front of his goddess so that I can easily begin to inflict pain to his nipples with my fingers. After that, he may lay down before me so that he can lick the bottom of my black leather high-heels and I am using the sharp heel to hurt his nipples again. And now the real fun begins. I am putting a straw in his mouth so that he can breath through it and then his face is going to become less ugly. With wax I am making him a nice mask directly on his face. All over his lips and eyes I am pouring the stuff and you can see how much he suffers for my amusement. More and more his face is being covered with the wax until you can hardly recognize him anymore but that is good, because now nobody has to see his ugly face. At the end he isn't even able to open his eyes or to breath through his nose because of all the wax and I am starting to take his breath away by simply closing the straw with my finger. As always, I am in complete control and my slave has to endure whatever I have in store for him.


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