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Lifestylediva-Claudia 7:18 Min. NUR 1900 Coins √
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FETISHES: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, CBT, TORTURE, OUTDOOR This outdoor clip shows my ridiculous new slave that has been named "dreck" which means "dirt" in german dancing for me in a nice little creek deep inside the woods. He is wearing a collar with which I can send him electronic shocks and inflict severe pain to him. See him dancing for me at a stick like a go-go-girl and hear me laughing at him about how stupid he looks. I am making a lot of fun out of him and I am verbally humiliating him with all I got. At the end, he has to kneel in front of me inside the water while I give him really hard shocks by just clicking a little button. So much pain by just clicking one button. Then I am letting him behind while I am going away to enjoy the great day!

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