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Lifestylediva-Claudia 8:15 Min. NUR 1900 Coins √
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FETISHES: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, CBT, TORTURE, OUTDOOR My new slave confessed me that he likes to wank his small prick sometimes without my permission. So I decided to teach him a lesson. First i let my stupid naked slave have erotic contact wih a stinging nettle field by lying with his belly in this awfully burning plants. See his body being totally litterd with blisters. Doesn´t his body seems like a piece of body painting, ha,ha,ha...? I like to paint in this way...To start the therapy the guilty wanker has to fix an electric shoc device around his tiny dick and his small balls. Then I allow him to wank for my and only my fun. With electric shocks I take him every lust while he is wanking. Instead of lust I give him hard pain. Hear him crying in pain and me laughing about him, because he is unable to make grow his small prick. But he has to endure more punishment and pain to learn that only my fun has to be important for him. So I him to wank his dick with stinging nettles over and over again. How often dirty wanker you would like to wank a day this way? Three times? And you? ha,ha,ha...To make his tiny dick and his balls burn even more I crop them at the end severely. So I love to see my slaves wanking...

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