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Lifestylediva-Claudia 11:30 Min. NUR 2000 Coins √
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FETISHES: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, FEET, HIGH HEELS, CBT, DIRTY GAMES, FEEDING My slave is kneeling in front of me and I am showing him my new shoes that were bought by a slave and now he is allowed to put these shoes on my beautiful feet. Then my real fun begins: I order him to expose his glans for me to torture his dick with a sharp stick. I am shoving it into his dick and fuck him that way. He is enduring this pain for me and I am shoving it deeper and deeper into his little dick. See him wanking and moaning for me. He really enjoys it! Then he is presenting me his dirty ass while he continues to wank with the stick in his dick. I am using another sharp stick to put it into his asshole. I am having fun to see whats coming out! See him even licking this stick clean! Fun for me and humiliation for my slave!

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