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See a slave dressed in his ridiculous panther suit and wearing high-heels and fake plastic titts. He looks really laughable as he bounces behind Mistress Maria towards the ATM. Inside of the bank he automatically kneels down to wait for his orders. Because even animals and especially wildcats like him have to be servile, he has to put his bankcard into his mouth. While he kneels in front of the ATM he has to put the card into the machine and then he has to type his pin number only with his nose. Another bank client enters the hall and tries to ignore the bizarre scene. He seems to be a little bit upset about the slave´s treatment. But Mistress Maria doesn´t care about him. Because the whore has some extra money on his account she chooses an amount of 350€ to be charged from his card. He is just a stupid little nothing so he has to repeat the amount because he typed the wrong numbers. A bank clerk enters the neigbourroom and starts a chat with Mistress Maria and me. He is very amused about the humiliated slave. He must be a submissive man as well. After the ATM has released the money the slave has to take his bank card with his teeth out of the mashine, which is abviously an adventure for my slave so I allow him to use his hands. The little wildcat has to put the money on the floor beside Mistress Maria´s devine feet so that she can count it with her devine boots. Exactly 350€ as she has told her little pussycat. He has to sort all the cluttered bank notes with his mouth. Mistress Maria takes the money from him and puts it into her wallet. Very fine! See me walking with the little wildcat through the enlighted bankhall while he has to demonstrate his skills in belly dancing. He is so ridiculous while he dances guided with the leash behind me. We have our fun with him while the bank clerk comes out intending to close the doors. Meanwhile two clients entered the frontroom of the bank and stared curiously towards the dancing slave. Obviously they have never seen something like that before. We pass them by towards our car where the slave has to lock himself into the trunk. Watch this huniliating clip and have fun!


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